-Once you make your payment in full your place on our tour is confirmed and you will receive a confirmation via email if you request one in writing. Tours purchased via our online booking system will  automatically receive an email confirmation of booking if requested through the online booking system at time of booking. If you’re not sure if your purchase has been logged, please email us at totallycalitoursreservations@gmail.com. We don’t issue paper tickets or receipts, except for Gift Certificates if requested in writing via email.


-Be sure to check your reservation confirmation to be sure you’ve booked the right tour on the right date, and that you are aware of all the tour details and what is and what is not included.

-Unless you’ve booked a private tour, you may be joined by additional tour participants. We may change the number of participants at any time, unless you’ve paid for a private tour.



-We don’t give any refunds for tour guest cancellations. If you give Totally Cali Tours notice within 48 hours in writing to totallycalitoursreservations@gmail.com we will hold your reservations for another tour, subject to availability. We recommend a phone call follow up as well, to let us know you’d like to use your reservation another time.

-No refunds given to latecomers. If you miss any portion of the tour because you are late, it’s your responsibility to catch up and we will not refund you for any portion of the tour, and can’t guarantee you’ll be able to re-join the tour.

-No refunds will be given to intoxicated or belligerent tour participants who are asked to leave the tour or who are cut off from drinking alcohol. It is 100% up to the discretion of the Totally Cali Tours guide who may be asked to leave or be cut off on our tours, at any time. If you show up intoxicated, you may not be able to join our tour, and you will not receive a refund. We reserve the right to determine who is intoxicated.

-No refunds will be given for tour and itinerary changes beyond our control such as Acts of God, traffic, illness, or any changes made to any tour for any reason by Totally Cali Tours. It is at the discretion of Totally Cali Tours of Santa Barbara LLC to change tour itineraries, tour group sizes or any details of any tour at any time. No refunds will be given for shortened or altered itineraries, with no prior notice. This includes pre-planned or custom charter tours.



-We reserve the right to alter or shorten our itinerary at any time either before or during the course of the tour. You may not receive prior notice of these changes, but please know we strive to give you the best experience we can.



-By taking a Totally Cali Tour that includes riding in a passenger vehicle, walking outdoors in various place, eating assorted foods and drinking alcoholic beverages, you are taking responsibility for anything that may happen to you as a result of these actions. Totally Cali Tours is not liable for any harm before, during or after the tour, which is the result of these activities. By purchasing your place on a Totally Cali Tour you acknowledge you are physically and mentally able to partake in any of the tour activities listed on the tour itinerary or as conveyed to you by your Totally Cali Tours guide.



-Totally Cali Tours will use photos and videos of any of our tour guests on our tours for our social media pages and website, unless you notify us in writing before the tour that you do not wish for your image to be used. If you do not give us notice in writing it means you agree to these terms.

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