Totally Cali Tours is committed to providing safe experiences for our guests and our staff, which has always been our commitment even before the COVID-19 global pandemic.
With regard to COVID-19 Safety, we follow current and updated recommendations and requirements set forth by the CPUC, CDC, the State of California, and the Santa Barbara County Health Department. This includes all safety precautions with regard to the way we run our tour experiences, from the extensive cleaning of vehicles, to frequent hand-washing, the use of hand sanitizer, and the use of protective masks and social distancing procedures, both for our staff and our guests.
We require all guests and staff wear masks for the duration of our experiences as mandated in the State of California. There are lawful exceptions to this requirement, such as during tastings, with proper social distancing, as per the guidelines set forth by our State and our local governments, as well as the CDC. The wearing of masks during our tours is not optional.
*Terms and Conditions for all guests touring with Totally Cali Tours, with regard to Covid:
The health and safety of our guests, tour partners and staff are our first priorities. We follow the mandates set forth by our local and State governments with regard to COVID operating requirements. Despite our stringent cleaning, sanitizing, mask-wearing and social-distancing protocols, we cannot control all circumstances. This includes any circumstances beyond our control in other places of business, such as various tour stops visiting partner restaurants, wineries, breweries and any other third-party-operated sights along our tour route. By taking a tour with us, you acknowledge that you assume any risks associated with touring with us, including but not limited to a risk of injury or illness. If we find that guests are not following government-mandated protocols with regard mask wearing, or other guidelines, we may be forced to request they do not tour with us, and will not be issued a refund. If government mandates do not require masking, we follow those protocols as well. All guests within booking party who have paid admission to our tours acknowledge all the above, as well as acknowledging that upon touring with us they are exhibiting no signs of illness such as fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, or any other signs of ill health, and are in optimal health, and have been in optimal health for at least 14 days. All guests will be required to agree in writing to these terms before taking a tour with us.
We will have masks and hand sanitizer available for guests at all times.